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The Argentine Sea

However, this sea is not recognised by the International Hydrographic Organization. The organization does not single out or name this territory of the Atlantic Ocean, which is adjacent to the Argentinian coast.

Oceanographers from Russia also do not recognize that the Argentine Sea really exists.

According to official sources from Argentina, this sea has a surface area of 1,000,000 km2, making it one of the largest seas in the Earth's southern hemisphere. Its coastline extends for 4,725 km.

The Argentine Sea is expanding to the south. A series of different plateaus stand out here, which descend to the east and look like spacious ledges or resemble terraces. Because of its unusual stair-shaped plateaus, the Argentine Sea is sometimes called the Andean Patagonia. The Falkland Islands are also located here.

Julius Popper, an adventurer from Romania, was the first to use the phrase ‘Argentine Sea’. At that moment, he published a map of the Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire).

The Argentine Sea has twelve areas identified as places of great biodiversity. Two areas are strictly protected, and one is the national marine park. From the world of fauna here, you can see penguins, gulls, sharks, whales, sardines, anchovies and many others.

However, this biodiversity is stressed by the large number of activities people carry out here. A number of regulations and management regimes are currently in development for the conservation and protection of the territory.

This large region is also essential because of its direct interaction with Patagonian waters, making it a gateway to Antarctica.