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The crime rate in Argentina: myths and truth

Argentina is a safe country for childbirth. During our entire stay in Argentina, we were convinced that rumors about the current level of crime are greatly exaggerated. There are a few more facts in confirmation of our words:

- according to statistics, the crime rate in Argentina is lower compared to Russia

- Argentina is rated as the safest country in South America

- in Argentina, homicide rate per capita is the same as in the USA

- there are always policemen watching the order on the streets of Buenos Aires

- a large number of facial recognition cameras are installed on the streets of the capital, which help law enforcement officers prevent theft and crime.

Yes, of course, in Buenos Aires, as in any other major tourist city, there is a chance of encountering petty thieves, but nothing more. We think you are aware that you should keep a close eye on your belongings, regardless of whether you are walking in Milan, Minsk, or Buenos Aires.

In this regard, we have some simple tips for you:

Do not leave your phone and laptop on the table in street cafes, especially in tourist areas.
At playgrounds, keep an eye on your phone and wallet.

In public transport, be especially careful if you sit near the window (there are cases when thieves grab phones through the window).

Park your car in closed parking areas and do not leave valuable items in it.

However, these tips will be absolutely relevant in any of your trips, so you can safely plan childbirth in Argentina without fear for your safety.