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Five must-try dishes in Argentina

Asado, or Argentinian barbecue, is the first popular dish to try. It can consist of many types of meat, including pork and chicken. Still, the most popular elements of the dish are black pudding, ribs, various sausages, flesh by-products and various parts of meat carcasses. This dish is notable in Argentina because here, it is not customary to freeze meat but to cook it fresh and genuine. Thus, the meat retains its fantastic taste.

The second dish is chimichurri sauce. It is the most popular condiment in the country. Chimichurri is made of finely chopped parsley, oregano, onion, garlic, chili pepper flakes, olive oil, and a touch of acid, such as lemon or vinegar. This poignant, garlicky sauce is sometimes used as a marinade though most often, it is found topping grilled meats and other savoury foods across the country.

Empanadas is the next Argentinians’ favourite. This is a classic dish of Spanish origin, similar to pies. They can be cooked in two ways: either fried or baked. The filling often differs depending on the province. It can be savoury or sweet. Dessert empanadas are usually filled with quince jam, sweet potato paste and sprinkled with cinnamon, sugar or raisins. Savoury empanadas are filled with stewed and spiced ground beef, chicken, goat, cheese, or vegetables. Moreover, by marking the pastry fold, you can determine the filling.

The fourth thing worth trying is the matambre meat dish. It differs from asado in that a super-slim cut of beef, like a steak, is stuffed with vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, herbs or olives. And then, the meat is grilled, boiled or baked. Matambre translates literally to 'hunger killer'.

In conclusion, let's recall the Alfajores dessert. This is a shortbread-style cookie filled with jams, mousses, or dulce de leche (Argentinian caramelized milk). It looks a lot like French macarons.

Each dish is unique, so it’s worth trying each at least once to choose your favourite later.