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Private hospitals in Buenos Aires

Private hospitals for childbirth in Argentina

Why do we recommend choosing private hospitals for childbirth?

1 You will receive a very high level of medicine and comfort for an affordable price.

2 You can independently choose a doctor and his team who will be there on “Day X”.

3 You can get acquainted with the doctor and midwife in advance, ask them all your questions and jointly draw up a plan for childbirth.

4 Your spouse will be allowed to be with you during the whole time of your stay in the hospital.

5 You will be in an excellent comfortable environment.

6 You will be provided with: diapers, wet wipes, maternity pads, clothing and personal hygiene products. You don't need to take it with you.

Hospitals for childbirth in Buenos Aires and surroundings

In Buenos Aires, there is a vast selection of private hospitals for childbirth, so every expectant mother will definitely find her own. We will organise a tour of the hospitals and help you conclude a contract for childbirth.

Swiss Medical Center, Buenos Aires

This is a whole network of clinics where you will find a high level of service, comfortable wards and modern equipment. The hospital offers one of the country's most technologically advanced ultrasound services, an outpatient fetal monitoring centre, a neonatal intensive care unit and nursing premature babies.

Sanatorio Otamendi, Buenos Aires

One of the oldest and one of the best private clinics in Argentina. The first lady of Argentina chose namely this clinic for giving birth. It is also the only private hospital where you can give birth in water.

Sanatorio Finoccieto, Buenos Aires

A multifunctional hospital, based on which the centre of mother and child is located. A professional team of doctors, modern equipment, close care for mother and baby, a separate neonatology service – all this is about Sanatorio Finoccieto hospital.

Hospital Aleman, Buenos Aires

A modern hospital with affordable prices and a high level of medicine. The hospital supports the concept of family-oriented motherhood so that the doctors will organise your childbirth comfortably and safely.