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Five reasons to choose Argentina for childbirth

You have at least six reasons to choose to give birth in Argentina.

Reason 1 – entering the country without a visa

Citizens of Belarus and Russia can enter Argentina without a visa and stay there for up to 90 days. Should this period not be enough, we will help you extend it for another 90 days.

Reason 2 – high-quality medicine

In Argentina, medicine is at a very high level of development. In the world ranking, it is ahead of all CIS countries.

Reason 3 – childbirth with citizenship

A baby born in Argentina receives citizenship automatically (under the "right of soil"). You and your spouse can obtain permanent residence based on the child's citizenship.

Reason 4 – a wide choice of hospitals

Buenos Aires has a wide choice of hospitals where you can get the full range of modern medical services and stay in very cozy and comfortable conditions. Hospitals are public and private; of course, the latter win in terms of equipment and level of comfort.

Reason 5 – acceptable prices

In Argentina, prices for childbirth are 5–10 times lower compared to popular America. At the same time, you will receive a high level of medical services and customer care for significantly less money. Wards in private hospitals in Argentina are like rooms in expensive hotels. Moreover, you can always stay with your husband in the ward.