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Flying during pregnancy

While pregnant, plan your flight in advance

We recommend planning a flight for a period of 30–32 weeks. Firstly, you will have enough time to get used to the new place and prepare for childbirth. Secondly, you will have time to apply for a maternity certificate. Thirdly, the tummy is still not too big at this time, so that it will be more comfortable on the plane.

Finally, each airline has its own rules regarding the flights of expectant mothers. Most carriers allow pregnant women on a transatlantic flight only up to 34–36 weeks, and this issue should also be clarified in advance.

Prepare for the flight

The most crucial point of preparation is a visit to the doctor, who will conduct an examination, answer all questions and issue you a certificate necessary for the flight.

Try to calm down before the flight, as unnecessary anxiety can be harmful in your delicate condition.

In addition to things, remember to take a first aid kit and the usual snack.

What should you bring along?

Flying during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy requires special preparation, so we will tell you what you should undoubtedly bring along.

- water and usual food (take into account the weather conditions so that the products do not become spoiled)
- a first aid kit (you should assemble it with your gynaecologist)
- hand sanitisers and wet wipes
- compression stockings (check with your doctor in advance if they are necessary)
- your prenatal record, all test results and ultrasonography findings
- your health insurance (take care of it in advance)
- thermal water and nasal spray (dry air on the plane dries out the skin and mucous membranes very much, so moisten them with thermal water and rinse the nasal cavity).

During the flight

Can pregnant women fly on a plane? Definitely yes! But still, it is worth remembering the rules of conduct on board.

During the flight, choose comfortable clothes and shoes so that nothing hinders your movements. Take a travel pillow and a small blanket with you.

If possible, try to move during the flight: walk around the cabin, stand, and change position in the seat.