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The sights in Puerto Madero

This district is next to the city centre, in the bay of La Plata River. Therefore, there is a beautiful waterfront promenade, squares and parks, wide streets and modern high-rise buildings. Puerto Madero was originally a port, but in the early 90s, it was rebuilt, and the area’s appearance completely changed.

Today Puerto Madero is an elite city district, so the prices for rental property and products will be much higher here. Another district’s feature is no public transport, so a taxi is the only way to move within the community.

What sights can be seen in Puerto Madero?

One of the main symbols of Buenos Aires is situated here – the Woman's Bridge (Puente de la Mujer). This is a swing bridge, designed by a Spanish architect. The pedestrian bridge is divided into three sections – two of them are fixed, and the middle one rotates to allow water traffic to pass.

The Museum ship (Fragata Sarmiento). Since the district stands on the banks of the river, you can see a lot of water transport here. The most remarkable ship is President Sarmiento, which nowadays is a museum. By the way, this ship made six circumnavigations in times gone by.

Pedestrian streets. The district is remarkable for its beautiful pedestrian areas, which are entirely free from cars and public transport. This makes it ideal for walking, especially with children.

High-rises and skyscrapers. Yes, here you can see modern high-rise buildings and skyscrapers and feel the special mood of a big city.

Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve (La reserva ecológica de Buenos Aires), Micaela Bastidas Park (Parque Micaela Bastidas), and Faena Art Center are also located here.