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How to choose a hospital for childbirth?

But at the same time, it is important to be prepared for some inconveniences such as long lines and long waiting times for an appointment, lack of single wards, not very comfortable conditions and food, the inability to choose a specific doctor for childbirth.

In a paid hospital, there are more comfortable conditions, large wards where you can stay with your spouse, and a diet rich in diversity. Such clinics are fitted out with more modern equipment, there are no queues here. You will be able to get to know the doctor and his entire team in advance and plan your ideal childbirth.


There is absolutely no difference here whether you choose a paid or free hospital. The fact is that in Argentina every doctor from a private hospital is required to work several hours a week in a public one. Therefore, medicine is at a high level in all medical institutions.


If this factor is essential to you, we recommend a private hospital. We will help you find the best specialist. You will be able to get to know him and his team in advance, have coffee with the midwife, discuss your individual birth plan and ask all the questions so that everything goes smoothly and according to your plan on “Day X”.


In Argentina, partner childbirths are possible both in paid and free hospitals. Here it is a normal and common practice to give birth together. At the same time, for partner childbirth, you do not have to take any courses and undergo any special preparation. The only difference is that due to covid restrictions, free hospitals allow only one person for childbirth, so you will have to choose to bring your husband or translator with you. In paid hospitals, two people can be present for childbirth, which is much more convenient.


In a free hospital, you will have a ward with several neighbors, the interior and conditions will be quite simple. In a private hospital, the wards are more like rooms in five-star hotels, and the interior itself only remotely resembles a medical facility. Therefore, if not only the doctors’ qualifications, but also comfortable conditions are important to you, choose a private hospital.

We will introduce you to the best hospitals in Buenos Aires, help you choose the perfect clinic, find a doctor, and conclude a contract for childbirth.