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What souvenirs to bring from Argentina?

Therefore, shopping in search of something like that is an integral part of any trip. And to save time and effort on this, it is always better to think in advance about what you would like to buy as souvenirs.

Typically, if you're unsure about the preferences of the person you want to bring a gift to or are having trouble finding something unique and exciting, an edible souvenir is your best bet. Traditional treats are a great way to surprise loved ones and please them.

For example, in Argentina, one of the main desserts is an analogue of our condensed milk called Dulce de Leche. This sweet can also be added to various pastries.

Delicate, crumbly alfajores cookies are another iconic Argentinian dessert. It contains a layer of the same condensed milk Dulce de Leche.

Many people bring mate tea, which is popular in the country. It is an integral part of the local culture and contains many valuable nutrients and vitamins.

If you want to bring something other than food, leather goods are a great option. For example, purses, bags and various belts are in demand here. Shoppers, T-shirts with the symbols of the city are also sold out.

In terms of jewellery, you can buy products from a mineral called rhodochrosite. It has a lovely pink shade. In Argentina, various bracelets, rings and pendants are made from this stone, which can be found in jewellery stores.

The country offers a wide variety of gifts for football fans. Here you can find souvenirs with the symbols of the Argentinian football team and things with the names of prominent Argentinian football players.

There is another unusual thing that you can bring with you – a jug in the shape of a penguin. In the old days, putting a bottle of wine on the table was considered a bad style, so the locals came up with a quaint jug for pouring table wine.