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Nahuel Huapi Lake

Nahuel Huapi Lake has a surface of 531 km2, and its maximum depth is 460 meters. The lake is surrounded by the National Park of the same name, founded in 1934, and is located along the border of Argentina with Chile.

The main feature of the lake is that it is included in the list of the most mysterious lakes on our planet. According to the legend, Nahuelito, a mysterious creature similar to the Loch Ness monster, lives in it. It is believed that it comes out of the water at night, is comparable in size to a cow and leaves footprints in the sand, like a giant duck.

The lake is located in the park’s depths and can be reached along mountain paths or by a small helicopter, but this does not make it less popular with tourists. There are also several islands on the vast lake. Victoria and Huemul Islands are the most famous.

Interestingly, many scientific expeditions came to the lake, pursuing one goal – to check the veracity of the rumours but did not find any evidence. However, thousands of tourists visit the lake yearly, hoping to see something mysterious and mystical. By the way, residents use these rumours to their advantage and offer tourists many souvenirs. The best tourist season in this area is from January to March and July to September.

If we talk about the Nahuel Huapi National Park, then quite a lot of tourist routes have been laid in it, and the most popular pass through the lake.

You can get to Nahuel Huapi Park from Buenos Aires by plane. You will land in San Carlos de Bariloche (also known as Argentinian Switzerland), only an hour from the park and the lake. You can also come here by car, but be prepared that the road will take at least 16 hours.