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Passion, emotions and conversation of two bodies – the history of the tango origin

Today we will tell you more about the history of this dance.

The dance appeared in South America in the 1880s of the last century. It was especially popular in the poor port areas of the city, mainly inhabited by emigrants. However, when it comes to a specific place where the tango appeared, these are brothels on the outskirts of the Argentinian capital. Moreover, its first performers were men and visitors to such establishments, who brightened up their time in that way while waiting; later, it became a partner dance.

As for the word "tango" itself, according to one version, it is of African origin and is translated as "dance to the sound of a drum." There is also an opinion that the word was formed from the Latin verb tangere – "to touch" or the Spanish word tambor – "drum".

At the beginning of the 20th century, the dance gained tremendous popularity, changed and spread actively worldwide. It was danced in Europe and even in America! The tango quickly won popularity. Bypassing the whole world, the dance has noticeably changed, acquired new styles and returned to its homeland – Argentina. It was then that the real flowering of the tango took place; a new term even appeared in the country – a tango obsession.

In the history of the tango development, there are many styles and types, but the most popular is the Argentinian and European tango (ballroom dance). In the latter case, this is one of the styles of the ballroom dance programme performed by amateurs or professional athletes in tournaments and competitions. And for Argentinians, the tango is more of a social dance. Its essence is getting to know different partners, enjoying the process, relaxing and socialising during the milonga – a special dance meeting.

The modern tango is based on bright emotions, precipitate movements, and uncontrollable passion. This is a dialogue dance in which partners talk to each other without words. And this is a real art, which is definitely worth admiring, and maybe even joining the ranks of tango dancers.