Блог «Роды в Аргентине»

Culture and traditions of Argentina


Of course, the tango is the most popular dance in Argentinian culture. Nevertheless, the sambo and malambo folk dance are also very popular in this country.


Football is the biggest passion of any Argentinian. It is worth reminding that the country even announced an official holiday on the occasion of the victory of the Argentinian national team at the World Cup last year.


Catholicism is the Argentinians’ official religion, but nevertheless, it includes many more beliefs that deviate from the official doctrine.


Open fairs are very popular in the country. Here you can buy various goods, ranging from antiques to inexpensive souvenirs.


In Argentina, the tradition of cooking meat on fire is prevalent. This is how various kinds of meats are cooked in the country, but beef prevails among them. Paraguayan mate tea is the most popular drink in Argentina. And some of the trendy desserts are medialunas rolls and dulce de leche (a dessert made from sugar, milk and vanilla, which can also be a filling for other sweet things).


Argentina is known worldwide for its carnival, which lasts almost two months. Still, besides it, other festivals are held in the country–for example, the festival in honour of Independence Day (July 9).

Reading books

Reading books is a daily habit of the majority of people in Argentina. And this applies to both adults and children.


In Argentina, there are fascinating traditions associated with celebrating weddings and birthdays. For example, a girl's fifteenth birthday is the most important date. On this holiday, she wears a huge puffy dress, dances the waltz with her father and arranges a festive photo session.

Argentinian brides don't throw flowers to unmarried friends. There is a more exciting tradition here. Many ribbons are tied to the wedding cake. Each woman pulls her ribbon, and there will be a ring at the end of one. The one who pulls out the ribbon with the ring will get married next.