Блог «Роды в Аргентине»

Do you need a visa to Argentina?

We answer it at once – no. And now some crucial details.

Visa for childbirth in Argentina

Citizens of Belarus and Russia have every right to enter Argentina without a visa. You only need a passport to buy air tickets and cross the border.

How long can you live in Argentina without a visa?

After arrival, you have the right to stay in Argentina without a visa for 90 days. But if this period is not enough for you, we will help you extend it for another 90 days so that you can complete all the planned tasks calmly and comfortably and have time to get acquainted with wonderful Argentina.

Giving birth in Argentina without a visa

In Argentina, you can choose to give birth in a private or public hospital. In a public hospital, everything will be entirely free for you, even despite the status of a tourist. But we still recommend choosing private hospitals because of the high level of comfort and the ability to select a doctor's team in advance and get to know them.

And after giving birth and completing the paperwork for the baby, you and your husband automatically have the right to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Argentina, so in the future, you will not need a visa to Argentina at all.

Permanent residence and a passport for a baby can be issued immediately after discharge from the hospital since your baby receives citizenship by right of soil (regardless of the citizenship of you and your spouse). We are ready to take care of all the paperwork and prepare a child's passport in just 1–2 weeks. And after receiving all the documents, you and your spouse will also be able to apply for permanent residence, although the registration process will take a little longer.