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Making arrangements for childbirth in Argentina

Paperwork, obtaining visas, searching for and buying air tickets, as well as choosing and booking accommodation are just some of the worries that future parents face. What if we offer to do all that for you? Yes, it's possible!

Making arrangements for childbirth in Argentina

We offer to organise childbirth in Argentina on a turnkey basis! We are ready to take care of all the preparations for the flight, childbirth and accommodation in a new country. You just have to pack your suitcase and board the plane in anticipation of a pleasant trip.

Childbirth support in Argentina

What are we doing to organise childbirth in Argentina? Everything you need!
We will advise you every step of the way and answer all your questions.
We will arrange for a consultation with the best gynaecologist at EVACLINIC, who will conduct an examination and ultrasound and issue a certificate for the flight.
We will assist in the selection and purchase of tickets.
We will organise a transfer from Buenos Aires Airport for you.
We will advise on all matters of life in Buenos Aires: currency exchange, buying a SIM card, payments, public transport and taxis, cafes, shops and restaurants. We will do our best to make your acquaintance with the city as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
We will assist in the preparation and execution of all necessary documents for the trip.
We will help you find a doctor in Buenos Aires.
We will conduct a hospital-by-hospital tour to help you choose the best one and conclude a contract for childbirth.
We will provide a professional medical interpreter who will be present at all visits to the doctor and childbirth.
We will organise a celebratory discharge from the hospital.
We will help you quickly process all the documents for the baby and prepare the documents necessary for returning home.
We will be in touch 24/7. We will always be there and ready to help and answer any questions!

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We have 22 years of experience working with expectant mothers, so we know exactly how to organise your ideal childbirth in a wonderful country.