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Tierra del Fuego (the Land of Fire). Argentina never ceases to amaze

The size of the state determines the diversity of climate and landscape; some landscapes are breathtaking in beauty and unusualness. Tierra del Fuego National Park is a significant and famous place in the country. Argentina owns the southernmost inhabited point on the planet. It is situated just in this park, on the part of the island of the same name.
Geographically, Tierra del Fuego is washed by two oceans and is located between Latin America and Antarctica. It consists of 40 thousand islands of various sizes. Many of them are the territory of Chile, but part of the land belongs to Argentina. The largest island (and the entire archipelago) received such an unusual name thanks to Magellan. The famous traveller decided that the numerous lights on the ground he sailed past were volcanoes. It was the locals warming themselves by the fires.
The park has a rigorous, windy climate as the southernmost inhabited point on the planet. The maximum that a guest of the archipelago can count on is 15 degrees Celsius above zero. And this is in summer. With mountains along the coast, the main island is covered in evergreen forests, making it a memorable visit for those who appreciate natural beauty. Some of the islands are uninhabited and have unique bird species that are not found anywhere else.
The town of Ushuaia is the tourist centre of the park. In recent years, the number of tourists has been growing, so the small town has developed all the necessary infrastructure for excursions to the island, including hotels, restaurants, information services, and institutions. Follow the path of Charles Darwin, and visit Cape Horn, considered the most dangerous in the world for sailors for centuries. Be sure to check out local restaurants with unusual food. Finally, visit Puerto Toro – the southernmost settlement on Earth!