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Traful Lake

Traful Lake is one of the real wonders of Argentina. It is located in Patagonia. It is a lake with a rather large area of 72 km² and a depth of around 100 meters. The Traful River starts at the Lake of the same name, connecting it with the largest water-storage reservoir in Argentina called Nahuel Huapi.

Why is Lake Traful famous? First of all, it is the underwater forest. Yes, we are not mistaken – a full-fledged cypress forest grows at the bottom of the lake. The height of some trees reaches 30–40 meters, and their tops stick directly out of the smooth water surface. A 100-meter-high cliff rises right on the lake’s shore, having an observation platform equipped with a ladder. Imagine the view from its top. It is not surprising that this lake has become one of the main tourist attractions in recent decades. By the way, the rock creates an air-cushion effect, due to which thrown-down objects hang above the water.

This natural miracle appeared not so long ago. In 1960, an earthquake occurred, as a result of which a huge piece of the mountain fell right into the lake. Cypress trees grew on this piece of land. Cypress trees are known for the incredible strength and durability of bark and trunk. As a result, several dozen trees did not die but continued to grow while underwater. Scientists are confident that they will be able to survive in this way for more than a decade. There is a small settlement of 1000 inhabitants near the lake. This is where tourists can stay. Despite the fact that the town is quite small, it has several first-class hotels with cosy cafes and restaurants. Here you will be offered excursions around the lake, including overnight.