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The suburbs of Buenos Aires

As of today, the population of this agglomeration is more than 12.7 million people.

The largest suburbs of the Argentinian capital are as follows: La Matanza, Quilmes, Lomas de Zamora, General San Martin, Lanus, Avellaneda, Merlo, etc.

Depending on the distance to the capital, all the suburbs of Buenos Aires are also divided into three rings. Another division is carried out according to the geographical principle: the Northern, Southern and Western zone.

Even one day is enough to visit several suburbs with many beautiful and remarkable places.


Just 40 km from the capital, and you can find yourself in the real Latin American Venice. The city got its name due to a large number of rivers and canals. The city itself is a whole system of small islands where people live. The National Naval Museum is also located here.

Vicente Lopez

The suburb was named after Vicente López, the author of the Argentinian National Anthem.


The local football club Lanus is located here. This place is also famous since it was here that the Argentinian football legend, Diego Maradona, was born.


This is a port city that was formed from a small settlement with a few huts. The place got its first name from the Riachuelo River of the same name, which separates the city from Buenos Aires. In 1895, the settlement received the status of a city, and in 1904 a new name – Avellaneda, in honour of one of the presidents of Argentina, Nicolas Avellaneda. Today it is a major railway centre in Argentina and a city with a large number of industrial enterprises. "Independiente" and "Racing" football clubs are also based here.