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Visiting doctors before childbirth

Visiting doctors before childbirth is possible in two ways: you can be treated by a private doctor or by a doctor in a selected hospital. But first things first.

All the time before departure you will be under the supervision of our doctors managing your pregnancy. Just before the flight, you will have a consultation involving an examination and ultrasound scanning, and get a certificate, which is necessary for the flight. Moreover, the doctor will be in touch with you online until the very childbirth and, if necessary, will consult and answer all questions.

Visiting a doctor before giving birth in Argentina

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, you have two options for managing your pregnancy.

The doctor you have chosen for childbirth. You can be observed by the doctor with whom you conclude a contract for childbirth. Please remember that we will organize a tour of the best hospitals for you to help with the choice and conclusion of a contract for childbirth.

A new doctor. You can conduct your pregnancy with a completely different doctor. In Argentina, the system of private medical practices is widespread. In other words, along with working in hospitals, doctors also receive patients in their consultorio.

The doctor will arrange each appointment by himself. During the appointment, the doctor will conduct an ultrasound scan, record a cardiotocography, prescribe tests and additional necessary examinations.

And if required, you can always additionally consult with an EVACLINIC doctor online.