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How late in pregnancy should you arrive for childbirth?

Firstly, you will have time to apply for a maternity certificate and receive all payments in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

Secondly, at this time the tummy is not too big, and you will be more comfortable during a long flight.

Thirdly, after arrival, you will have enough time to adjust to new conditions, get to know the city better, settle your usual way of life and, of course, choose a hospital and a team of doctors for an ideal childbirth.

But if you choose to give birth abroad, there is another important question: how late in pregnancy can you fly? Airlines reserve the right to refuse boarding women in their last stages of pregnancy, so you need to take two steps:

- to check with your airline in advance for restrictions on flying in late pregnancy (the maximum permitted period may depend on whether the pregnancy is single or multiple)
- to get a gynecologist’s certificate (in English) for the airline stating the exact period of pregnancy.

Most airlines allow expectant mothers on a transatlantic flight up to 34-36 weeks, but we advise you to check this issue with your airline company to avoid unpleasant surprises. And if you entrust the organization of your childbirth in Argentina to us, then we will help you with the choice and purchase of air tickets, and the best EVACLINIC doctors will issue you a medical certificate for the flight.