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Beach holidays in Argentina

Most tourists have enough time to see the beauty of Buenos Aires and the natural wonders of the mainland and enjoy beach recreation. The best time would be from November to March. What resorts are the most suitable for having a carefree time against the backdrop of the vast open spaces of the Atlantic?

Mar del Plata. It is a popular and the hottest resort in the country, with beaches that meet all the requirements. It is located near metropolitan Buenos Aires. This is the genuine quintessence of Argentina –tango competitions are held here every evening, and you can try local wine and enjoy the company of hospitable locals. There are several water parks with magnificent white sand to relax with the whole family.

Miramar is suitable for those who care about health. This place is not as hot as the previous one and has a temperate climate, excellent service and a large selection of entertainment to suit any taste.

Carilo. If you are staying in Buenos Aires but want to relax on the beach, this option is best for you. The place is very close to the capital in the province of the same name. The beach is surrounded by artificially planted forests, which makes it unusual and attractive. This place is considered elite and expensive; wealthy people who prefer regularity and peace rest here.

Pinamar is located among coniferous forests, positively affecting the local air and atmosphere. Middle-aged and older people prefer to relax here, enjoying the peace and tranquillity.

Necochea is an unassuming classic beach stretching for 75 kilometres. Many tourists and locals are here most of the year, but it is cheap and fun. In recent years, many modern hotels and spas have been built here, so the place has become more comfortable for families with children.
Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina. Today, it is home to about one and a half million people. Naturally, this place has become attractive to tourists. Cordoba is 700 kilometres from Buenos Aires, but life here differs from the capital – there is less fuss and chaos, and the people are more friendly and amiable. Tourists note that there are many more English-speaking local people in Cordoba, which simplifies the travel process. This city is a compromise that has all the advantages of a megapolis while at the same time giving a feeling of relaxation and peace.

It was founded in the second half of the 16th century. At the end of this century, the Jesuits appeared here, and the construction of Catholic churches, monasteries and educational institutions began. The local university is the oldest among all higher educational institutions in the New World. The Montserrat school gained worldwide fame after it became known that the famous Che Guevara studied there for several years. By the way, the entire Jesuit quarter is an architectural monument protected by UNESCO.

The Capuchin neo-Gothic Church is another famous temple, built in the 30s of the last century. It is located in the Nueva Cordoba area. The local Bicentennial lighthouse, named in honour of the country's independence anniversary, is part of the same complex as the archive building. It is located on the territory of the largest city park, where conditions for round-the-clock sports are created. It possesses its zoo, an observation deck, and attractions.

Tourists note the city’s safety –you can safely walk without fear of robbery or theft. Prices are lower than in the capital. The only downside is cleanliness issues. That said, not so long ago, the city authorities built an underground repository for garbage so that this problem would be solved shortly.