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Hippodrome in Buenos Aires. The true passion of the Argentinians

Maybe that's why horse racing, from its appearance in Argentina to the present day, is a popular way of spending leisure time and a real passion for residents
of the country.

The metropolitan Buenos Aires was no exception. Back in 1876, a small hippodrome was built here, destined to eventually become one of the largest and most famous on the planet. The popularity of horse racing in Argentina can be judged by the fact that on the opening day of the hippodrome in Palermo, public transport could not cope with the number of people who wanted to see the first competitions and stopped. At first, the number of seats in the stands was small – only two thousand gamblers could watch the best horses in the country live. But today, the stands of the Hippodrome can accommodate 100,000 people!

All the famous jockeys and horses of the world have seen this hippodrome. One hundred twenty competitions are held here every year. There are 1,400 boxes for horses on the territory of the complex. You can leave your four-legged friend in comfortable conditions if you travel with a horse. Built in the Belle Epoque style, the Hippodrome has become a famous landmark in the city and throughout Argentina. Today, the Hippodrome in Buenos Aires is not only a historical building. There are restaurants here that can satisfy the taste of the most demanding client, and several halls with slot machines for those who do not have enough excitement from horse racing. The beautiful half of humanity can spend time in a modern luxury shopping centre.

Be sure to be tangent to the glorious history of Argentina's equestrian sport by visiting the legendary Hippodrome!