Блог «Роды в Аргентине»

Why do people give birth in Argentina?

Therefore, today we will give them the floor and share with you the feedback of young mothers who have already chosen childbirth in Argentina.

Irina, 28 years

I gave birth to my first baby in Argentina. I always had the idea of giving birth abroad, even before pregnancy and marriage. But already at the stage of planning the baby, I was sure of this. My husband supported me and together we began to choose the destination. Europe turned out to be very difficult and did not give great benefits; popular America was too expensive. Then we learned about Argentina and here everything came together: the price, visa-free entry, and excellent high-level medicine. I am very glad that everything turned out that way, and our baby was born in Argentina. Now we are already at home, but we plan to return to Argentina for the New Year (there will be a wonderful warm summer) to begin the process of obtaining a residence permit for me and my husband.

Alesya, 24 years

A friend advised me to give birth in Argentina. Her sister had such experience and was completely satisfied with everything. So, when I mentioned that we were thinking about giving birth abroad, she immediately suggested Argentina. After studying this issue, my husband and I realized that the option is not bad. Moreover, we love to travel, and we have never been to Argentina. So, it will be possible to combine the pleasant with the even more pleasant.

We arrived 2 months before the childbirth to get to know the country. We had time to to go to the ocean, walked a lot around Buenos Aires and its suburbs. At some point, we completely forgot about the real purpose of our trip. So, I was extremely surprised to hear about the need of hospitalization at the next doctor's appointment. Nevertheless, the childbirth went great! The doctors were very nice and caring, my ward was beautiful and spacious, and my husband was always by my side. I could only dream of this!

Inna, 34 years

Where is the best place to give birth abroad? Now I know the answer to this question for sure - in Argentina!

This was my third pregnancy, a long-awaited and very conscious. My husband and I really wanted to make it special. We thought for a long time how, and one day he suggested giving birth abroad. At first it seemed strange, but the more I read, the more I was interested in this idea. We chose Argentina not by chance, but on the advice of my husband's work colleague. And I can say that the childbirth in Argentina met all our expectations!

The hospital, interpreters, doctors, and their attitude - everything was at a high level. Among other things, the possibility of obtaining citizenship and permanent residence was a very pleasant bonus for the whole family. We have already completed the paperwork for the baby and are going home soon. But in the near future, we will nevertheless study the issue of obtaining permanent residence for me, my husband, and older children.