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Ways of legalization in Argentina


A good command of Spanish will allow you to enter any university for free. It is important to choose an Argentinian university with accreditation, while the course of study must last at least a year.


This method of legalization is ideal for professionals who come to Argentina from different countries at the invitation. In this case, the employer will be responsible for processing all necessary documents.


It is one of the most common ways to obtain a long-term residence status or citizenship of Argentina. To do this, you need to confirm your income abroad in the amount of at least 30 thousand pesos per month (the amount may change, so you should check it in advance). At the same time, money must be imported into the country through official institutions and confirmed by the Central Bank of Argentina.


It is a fairly simple and quick way to legalize in Argentina. You will be surprised, but for this it is not even necessary to register your marriage officially. It is enough to confirm cohabitation with a citizen of Argentina to obtain a residence permit and apply for citizenship in the future.