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Movie theatres in Buenos Aires

But just in case you suddenly get tired of the exotic and want a more familiar pastime, we will tell you about movie theatres in Buenos Aires.

Argentinians go to the cinema and choose this type of recreation quite often. There are over 200 movie theatres in Buenos Aires today, including major international networks such as Cinemark, Hoyt's, and Village Roadshow.

Other major movie theatres in the city are as follows:
Cine Village Recoleta
Cine Gaumont
Cinépolis Caballito
Showcase Cinemas.

As a rule, all films are shown in the original language with Spanish subtitles; remember this when choosing a film. Saturday is the most popular day to go to the cinema in Argentina. On this day, there will be a full house, while there will be far more vacant places on other days.

A movie ticket costs from 4 to 8 USD. In addition, there is a system of discounts. You can get a 50% discount if you go to the cinema on a weekday afternoon or all day on Wednesday.