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Caesarean section in Argentina

. But today, we will introduce you to another one. This “bonus” will be essential not for every expectant mother, but it can become very relevant for some of them. In Argentina, natural delivery is not mandatory for every woman.

Choosing a delivery method in Argentina

In Argentina, healthcare gives an expectant mother the right to choose a delivery method. To perform a caesarean section, a woman’s desire is enough.

Actually, Argentinian women are very afraid of labour pain, so for a long time, there has been a trend in society for a caesarean section. But a lot has changed recently, and women are increasingly choosing naturalness.

However, here we should not forget about the other side – when the operation is necessary due to medical reasons. In Argentina, doctors will never risk a mother’s and baby’s life or health, even at the slightest threat. Therefore, if there are medical indications, doctors will insist on a cesarean, which will be reported to the woman in labour.

Caesarean section in Argentina

If you choose to give birth in a public hospital, then, in fact, there will be no fundamental difference for you in the delivery methods since all hospital services and stay in it are free (even for non-residents and tourists).

However, there is a difference in cost in the case of a private hospital. A caesarean section costs twice as much as a natural birth. You will pay the required amount at once if the operation is planned. You will have to pay the missing amount after discharge if the decision is made already during childbirth.