Блог «Роды в Аргентине»

Why is Argentina the ideal country for childbirth?

We have passed this way firsthand, studied the best countries for childbirth, so we recommend choosing Argentina. You have 5 convincing reasons to decide on childbirth in Argentina.

Reason 1 - entering the country without a visa

You don't need a visa to give birth in Argentina. Citizens of Belarus and Russia can stay in the country without a visa for 90 days. If necessary, you will have the opportunity to extend this period for another 90 days. During this time, you can not only resolve all issues with paperwork on the baby, but also get to know the new country better.

Reason 2 - the passport that implies a visa-free entry to 171 countries of the world

Argentina is one of the few countries that grants citizenship by birth to children born in its territory (the right of soil), regardless of the parents’ passports and citizenship. If you are casting about giving birth in another country with gaining citizenship, Argentina is the perfect option! Your baby will automatically receive Argentinian citizenship and the passport, which guarantees a visa-free entry to 171 countries of the world and simplified procedures for obtaining a visa to the United States.

Reason 3 - the possibility of obtaining citizenship for the whole family

Parents can also apply for citizenship after the child receives an Argentinian passport. Moreover, this right persists for life, and you can use it even after a while.

Reason 4 – a high level of medicine

The level of medicine in Argentina is very high! In the ranking of countries in terms of the level of medicine, Argentina is ahead of all CIS countries. The quality of medical care in the country is comparable to the United States, while prices are noticeably lower.

Reason 5 - a wide choice of maternity hospitals

You can independently choose a public or private hospital. In the state maternity hospital, your childbirth will be completely free of charge, but there you can’t choose a specific doctor. In private, the ratio of price, comfort and quality of services provided will pleasantly surprise you. You will be able to independently choose a team of doctors and draw up an ideal birth plan.