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Perito Moreno Glacier

According to some estimates, its age reaches 30 thousand years.

Today, the area of the huge glacier makes up 250 square km. It is part of the entire Patagonian glacier system, which is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water. Since 1981, this glacier has been included in the list of objects that are under UNESCO protection.

The glacier is named after the explorer Francisco Moreno, who was the first to explore this area back in the 19th century. The glacier is so huge that under the weight of snow, there is almost no air left in the gap between the ice floes. So, it has a beautiful pale blue hue.

Each year, the glacier advances by about 450-700 meters, preventing the natural replenishment of Lake Lago Argentino. The water accumulating inside the mass raises the usual level of the lake by about 25-30 meters, but sooner or later the pressure breaks the ice, and the glacier ruptures. This is a frightening and fascinating spectacle at the same time: huge pieces of ice come off the glacier and fall directly into the water from a height of about a 15-story building.

The locals believe that Perito Moreno has its soul, which means that the glacier is alive. And they confirm this theory with a crack that constantly comes from it. The crackling of the glacier is the sound of the separation of small fragments, which then fall into the water. But when a rupture occurs in the glacier, it is heard for many kilometers from the place itself.

El Calafate is the closest settlement to the Perito Moreno Glacier. And its entire infrastructure is aimed at attracting and entertaining tourists. So, if you plan a trip here, you will not be disappointed. From the capital of Argentina, you can get to the town by plane, and the distance from the city to the glacier itself (78 km) can be covered by bus.