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What does DNI mean?

What does DNI mean in Argentina?

In Argentina, a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) is a residence permit. This document is not a substitute for a passport, but it confirms the baby’s citizenship by birth (by right of soil); a DNI is also called a residence.

In Argentina, all citizens have a DNI, as well as foreigners with a residence permit or a long-term residence status.

After your discharge from the maternity hospital, we will first draw up a DNI for the baby on the basis of the received birth certificate, and upon receiving it we will process the Argentinian passport.

A DNI is a small plastic card with a photo of the baby and an identification number, which, if necessary, can act as a document proving the identity of a foreigner. In other words, it establishes the official right to stay in the country. This document must be replaced at 5-8 years, 16 years and in case of a change of residence.

How to acquire citizenship in Argentina?

A DNI can be temporary (residence permit) and permanent (long-term residence status). A temporary residence permit can be obtained, for example, for work, study, or even on the basis of cohabitation with an Argentinian without official marriage. In our case, we are talking about a permanent residence permit.

After being born in Argentina, the baby automatically acquires a permanent DNI, and no one can take away this right.

Once all the documents are issued for the baby, you and your spouse may also apply for the DNI and citizenship.

Our team will quickly execute all necessary documents for you and your baby. You do not have to stand in queues and collect necessary documents yourself. We will do it for you while you enjoy staying with your baby and new life of young parents!