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La Boca district

The neighbourhood has a rich history since it is located exactly where Buenos Aires was historically founded. In the 19th century, there was a port, which was later moved to another district. And immigrants (mainly from Italy) actively settled in the port and painted their houses with multi-coloured paints because one paint was simply not enough. Over time, colourful houses have become the hallmark and highlight of the La Boca neighbourhood.

Another feature of the La Boca neighbourhood is that its inhabitants (recall that they were primarily migrants) made several attempts at once to gain independence from Argentina in different years. It was in 1882, 1907, 1923 and 1986.

Today, La Boca is an atmospheric and colourful neighbourhood that can be called a tourist's dream. By the way, this is why many locals dislike this district, because they are convinced that it is too artificial and does not convey the authentic atmosphere of Buenos Aires.

We strongly advise against living in this neighbourhood since it is rather deprived. For the same reason, you should not walk here at night. But still, you have two reasons to visit La Boca at once.

Reason 1. The neighbourhood’s main street is El Caminito (translated as "path"). Life is in full swing almost around the clock here: many street artists and musicians, merchants with souvenir shops and tango dancers. On weekends, there are much more people here than on weekdays, but this is not a reason to refuse a walk along a bright and colourful street. It is here that you can take pictures with "Maradona", a star tango dancer and even "Pope Francis" himself.

Reason 2. The Boca Juniors’ “La Bombonera” stadium is located in the district. This soccer team was created back in 1905 and, to this day, is one of the favourite teams of Argentinians.