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Health care in Argentina

The level of medicine in Argentina is very high. In the international ranking, the country is in 33rd place (the United States - 31st), ahead of all CIS countries. For example, Russia occupies 58th place in this list, and Belarus - 81st. But at the same time, the prices for childbirth in Argentina are several times lower compared to USA with the same level of comfort and services.

Health care

The health care system of Argentina is represented by paid and free hospitals. For the most part, Argentinians get medical care in paid institutions covered by insurance, while very poor population usually use free health care. But at the same time, the qualifications of doctors are equally high in all medical institutions since all doctors from paid hospitals conduct appointments in free ones several times a week.

Another good news is that medicine is completely free for foreigners in Argentina. Yes, that is, you can fly into the country and give birth in a public hospital absolutely free of charge. But at the same time, we must warn you that the level of comfort and infrastructure in such institutions is noticeably inferior to paid ones.

Maternity hospitals in Argentina

In Argentina, and in particular in Buenos Aires, there is a wide range of maternity hospitals, both paid and free.

In a free hospital, you don't have to pay for anything. All services and even medicines will be completely free. But, as we wrote above, you need to be prepared for certain inconveniences and lack of comfort.

On the other hand, in paid hospitals, you can easily organize a dream childbirth, starting from a ward that looks more like a room in an expensive hotel, and ending with choosing a doctor, his team and discussing with them a detailed birth plan including answers to all your questions. On that very day, you won’t need to worry about anything. A team of professionals will be waiting for you and will organize everything the way you need it.