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The three largest stadiums in Buenos Aires

Therefore, today we will tell you a little about the largest and most modern stadiums in Buenos Aires.

El Monumental

It is the largest multi-sport stadium in Argentina (in terms of fan capacity). Over 70,000 people can be on it at the same time.

The stadium is the official home arena of the River Plate – a local football club. In addition, it hosts most of the home matches of the country’s national football team.

The stadium was founded in 1938. The last reconstruction was carried out here quite recently, in 2019. Antonio Liberti, a then-president of the River Plate club, once bought the plot of land to construct the stadium.

La Bombonera

The official name of this stadium is the Albert J. Armando Stadium, but it is widely known as La Bombonera. It got its second name due to its shape, which is very reminiscent of a candy bowl or a chocolate box (bonbonniere). The stadium is the home arena of Boca Juniors–a local football club.

It accommodates more than 57 thousand people and has one interesting feature – the stadium stands have a noticeable vibration effect when the fans bounce noisily to support their favourite team.

The Cathedral of Polo (Campo Argentino del Polo)

It is a multifunctional modern stadium in Buenos Aires, currently mainly used for polo, pato and field hockey matches. It was opened in 1928. Today it accommodates about 30,000 spectators.

On this site, the Argentinian Polo Open Championship games are held. This most important polo tournament has traditionally been held here since the stadium was founded (most often in December).