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South America's first skyscraper: Palacio Barolo

Palacio Barolo is a national historical monument, which at the time of its construction (1923), was the tallest building not only in Buenos Aires but throughout South America. The building is exactly 100 meters high and has 22 floors. Now it's mostly an office building.

The building was designed by an Italian architect at the request of the local businessman Luis Barolo. It was the tallest in the city until the Edificio Kavanagh building was constructed in 1935, which is also a national historical monument of Argentina.

At the time of its appearance, the architecture of the Palacio Barolo was a real innovation. And so much so that it is difficult to attribute it to any particular style. Until now, concrete casting in an eclectic style is considered an example of the unique author's style of the architect Mario Palanti.

Today, the building houses offices of more than 500 organisations. Nine elevators and a huge 20-meter hall with a painted ceiling are inside. A lighthouse is installed on the top, thanks to which the building can be seen even from neighbouring Uruguay. On the 25th of every month, the lighthouse in the building is turned on, and it beautifully illuminates the night sky of the Argentinian capital. The Palacio Barolo underwent its last restoration in 2009.

By the way, the story of the construction and design of this building even came to be a foundation of the film. Sebastian Schindel directed it in 2012. The movie "Latin Skyscraper" even won the documentary film festival.