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The May Square in Buenos Aires

This is the central square of Buenos Aires, located in the city’s historical part. It is believed that this square was the main foundational site of the city, and it itself appeared in 1580. It was this foursquare that the city's creator, Juan de Garay, defined as the city's main square. Since that moment, the area has approximately doubled but has not lost its status.

The May Square is named after the revolution of 1810, which took place in the country on May 25. Until that moment, Argentina was a Spanish colony and then won its independence. That is why the stela is placed in the centre, and for the same reason, so many streets and squares in the country are named after May.

It so happened that May Square became the main centre of the country's political life: in 1816, the country declared its independence, and in 1860 it adopted a constitution here. The square acquired its modern look in 1884 after the merger of two small squares located on this site. And the last modern reconstruction took place on the square in 2017.

In the square's hub rises one of the city’s main monuments – the May Pyramid, inaugurated in 1811. This obelisk is crowned by the Statue of Liberty, which is still very symbolic. And around the square, there are also quite significant and beautiful buildings of the capital: the Historical Museum, the Presidential residency – the Casa Rosada (Pink House), the Cathedral, the building of the National Bank and the palace in which the government works.