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How much does childbirth cost in Argentina?

At the same time, the quality of the services provided will be at the highest level.

How much does it cost to give birth in Argentina?

First, the amount will depend on which hospital you choose. Yes, you can legally give birth in an ordinary public hospital in Argentina, but we must warn you right away that the level of comfort here leaves much to be desired. Therefore, before making a final decision, also visit paid hospitals.

Now on to the numbers. The cost of childbirth in private hospitals consists of two components: the price of the hospital and the team of the doctor with whom you agree on childbirth. In Argentina, the minimum cost of vaginal birth is 700 USD in private hospitals, while caesarean section operations are more expensive and start from 1,200 USD. The cost of a medical team on a shift is 400-700 USD in private hospitals. The cost of a doctor and his team (if you want to choose a specific doctor for your childbirth) is 1,000 – 1,700 USD.

During pregnancy, visits to the doctor will cost an average of 15 - 30 USD (depending on the chosen doctor, since everyone has their own prices). An average cost of ultrasound, cardiotocography and tests is 10 - 40 USD.

If we are talking about the cost of childbirth in Argentina on a turnkey basis, it is worth considering the additional costs of flights and accommodation.

Flight. There are several ways to get to Argentina. A minimal cost of the flight for one person will be 1,900 USD.

Accommodation. Calculate about 1,000 USD per month. There are apartments for 500 USD, but they are rented without furniture and appliances. Utility prices will be quite insignificant, and the Internet and mobile communications will cost an average of 8-10 USD per month.

Products. In Argentina, products are very cheap and of a high-quality. For example, a kilogram of meat costs 2 - 3 USD, a bottle of good wine - 2-5 USD, a kilogram of potatoes - 25 cents, a kilogram of chicken - 1 USD, a kilogram of rice - 50 cents, a kilogram of sugar - 20 cents. A heavy supper for two at a restaurant with steaks, a side dish, wine, and dessert will cost 30 - 40 USD.