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Argentinian citizenship for elder children

We are excited to tell you about the important bonus a brother or a sister born in Argentina will provide to elder children.

Citizenship by birth is one of the main advantages of giving birth in Argentina. That is, your baby automatically receives the status of a citizen of this bright and versatile country. But that is not all. Based on the baby’s citizenship, you and your spouse can obtain a residence permit and apply for Argentinian citizenship after completing and receiving all the documents. What about other children in the family?

It is a bit more complicated here. Immediately after processing all documents for a born baby, you and all elder children have the right to obtain permanent residence in Argentina. Having this particular document, you all together can legally reside in the country for the required period.

As for the citizenship for elder children and obtaining an Argentinean passport, you can count on it only after they reach the age of 18. Yes, you'll have to wait. But you must admit that a passport with visa-free entry to more than 170 countries worldwide can be an excellent coming-of-age present.