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Temaiken Biopark

And its name can be translated as "wildlife". Here you will be greeted by the country’s largest and most famous zoo.

An incredible number of parks are located on the territory of 34 hectares: there is a zoo, an aquarium, a botanical garden, and even a museum of natural history and anthropology. Moreover, there are no enclosures and cages here, enabling you to enjoy communication with animals roaming freely in the park.

For your convenience, the entire park is divided into several geographical zones. The Asian area will surprise you with flying foxes and tigers, and the African one with flamingos, antelopes, zebras and lemurs. However, the park’s largest area, of course, is Argentinian. Here you will see tapirs, capybaras, alligators, cougars, etc. The last zone of the park is an aquarium where it is possible to observe the life of the inhabitants of the underwater depths, including real giant sharks, penguins and alligators.

Plan a visit to the park for the whole day to get around the entire territory and see natural landmarks. The park creators took care of your comfort in advance: convenient and spacious paths, signposts, places to rest in the shade of trees, and cosy wooden gazebos where you can relax and have a quick bite. You can take snacks for you and your children with you.

Also, the park’s territory houses a 360-degree movie theatre, small restaurants, playgrounds and souvenir shops.