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The Buenos Aires Zoo

So, make sure to plan to put this item on your list of places to visit in the capital of Argentina. By the way, the zoo is one of the national historical monuments.

In the 1870s, Tres de Febrero Park was laid out here with a separate animal zone. And already in 1888, it was decided to separate this territory from the rest of the park and arrange a full-fledged zoo here.

The zoo is located in the centre of Palermo, on Plaza Italia, very close to the metro station of the same name. This huge area has its own pond, jungle and even a waterfall, surrounded by greenery. And some animals move freely around the territory, so be prepared to meet guests on your way – it can be a goose, beaver, mara or even a peacock. On the territory, you can buy special food and treat animals to it.

Here you will hardly see the usual cages. The creators of the zoo wanted to get away from the familiar concept of such places. That is why many animals calmly walk around the territory while real houses are built for others. Generally, the zoo is notable for its architecture; even buildings from its foundation have been preserved here.

Huge ficuses grow on the territory of the zoo. There is even a miniature garden with real beds where vegetables grow.

Today, according to the World Association of Zoos, the Buenos Aires Zoo’s exposition contains 2,171 animals of 325 species.