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Taking a taxi in Argentina

In Buenos Aires, you can hail a taxi on the street, call it by phone or in a more familiar mobile application.

Taking a taxi on the street

To hail a car, you do not need to stand on the side of the road with your hand outstretched (as we are used to). It is enough to stand at the edge of the road and wait for a black and yellow taxi car (there are many of them in the city). If the red light with the inscription “Libre” (free) is lit on the car, you can safely stretch out your hand and stop the vehicle.

Using Uber

There are some nuances here. Firstly, Uber operates illegally in Argentina. Secondly, it costs more than a regular taxi. And thirdly, be prepared that the driver can cancel the trip (they do this quite often).

Ordering a taxi by phone

In this case, a taxi will be cheaper than if you catch it on the street. It can be an ordinary city car without identification marks; this is normal.

Crucial aspects

In Argentina, taxi passengers always ride in the back seat. To sit in the front, you will have to ask the driver about this specifically.

There are standard daytime and nighttime taxi rates, which differ in cost.

Be very careful when paying taxi drivers. They can replace banknotes in an unnoticeable manner or give change incorrectly. Also, keep an eye on things so that the taxi driver does not make off with part of them.

Contact the official service to avoid overpaying if you order a taxi at the airport. In this case, you pay for the trip at special terminals at the airport, receive a check in your hands, and you can be sure that the cost of the trip will not increase several times along the way.