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What benefits come with childbirth in Argentina?

What country is the best to give birth in?

You can look for the answer infinitely long on the forums or by studying the experience of other couples. Of course, you will mainly find information about giving birth in the USA, since this is a very fashionable and popular destination. But trendy doesn't mean the best. Therefore, we invite you to take a look at the map below and get yourself familiar with the benefits of giving birth in the magical land of Argentina.

Benefits of giving birth in Argentina

Compared to many other destinations for giving birth abroad, Argentina has 5 undeniable advantages at once.

A visa-free entry into the country

Citizens of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation can stay in Argentina without a visa for three months. If this time is not enough for you, we will help to extend it for the same period. During this time, you will be able to settle all issues with paperwork after the childbirth.

A high level of medicine

In the world ranking in terms of the level of medicine, Argentina ranks 33rd (for comparison, the United States ranks 31st), ahead of all CIS countries. The country offers a wide choice of good maternity hospitals with empathic and professional doctors.

Citizenship by birth

Your baby will automatically receive Argentinian citizenship by birth, regardless of the parents’ citizenship or country of residence.

A powerful passport

Your baby will receive an Argentinian passport, which guarantees a visa-free entry to 171 countries of the world (including the Schengen zone) and simplified procedures for obtaining a visa to the United States.

We are also ready to take care of all the arrangements for your magical childbirth in Argentina. We promise a childbirth of a dream and an unforgettable journey!