Блог «Роды в Аргентине»

Four museums which you can visit for free

The National Historical Museum

The museum was established back in 1880 to unite the Argentinian nation and give all citizens a sense of national identity. The museum has many items relating to the 1810 Revolution and the Argentinian War of Independence.

The Casa Rosada Museum

This museum was opened in 2011 in honour of the bicentenary of the Argentinian Revolution that supported the struggle for independence. If you are interested in the history and architecture of Argentina, be sure to visit this museum.

The National Immigration Museum

A fascinating museum that tells the story of immigrants coming to Argentina from Europe, Asia and Africa. You can take a fascinating journey into history and learn a lot about Buenos Aires.

Benito Quinquela Martín Museum

It showcases an extensive collection of prints and paintings created by the artist Benito Quinquela Martin. Also, in the museum, there are works of other artists who represent large and well-known trends in Argentinian art. There is even a collection of miniature ships.