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Frigate President Sarmiento

The boat looked quite advanced for its time, being a training ship for the navy. The vessel was also honoured to represent Argentina at many official state-level events.

The frigate was named in honour of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the founder of the Argentinian Naval Academy, who was the seventh president of Argentina. He commissioned a ship from England for training purposes to take naval infantry soldiers around the world as part of their training. For about 40 years, the vessel served as a practice ship and carried out thirty-seven training cruises, including six circumnavigations. The frigate President Sarmiento became the first Argentinian ship to visit a Russian port. In 1902, the ship moored to the shores of Kronstadt. On April 18, 1938, the frigate's last voyage ended in November. Then she served as a stationary practice ship, but without sails, on the Argentinian rivers.

After a while, the frigate President Sarmiento was converted into a museum. Now here, you can see various items brought by the ship from multiple trips. In the museum, you can find a stone from the Great Wall of China, the embalmed body of a ship's pet, and the Argentinian flag embroidered in Shanghai. The vessel has completely preserved all its components, various mechanical parts and parts of the structure, blueprints, and personal weapons. In the museum’s exposition, you can even see the personal belongings of sailors and officers, various maps, and documents.

In 1940, the frigate President Sarmiento was featured in the movie with the same name. The film is dedicated to young sailors who once sailed on this ship. And from 1961 to 1968, the attraction was featured on the reverse side of the Argentinian five-peso coin.

The ship is listed as a National Historic Monument in Argentina.